Peppermint Staffing provides all levels of staff for Peppermint Events at some of the UKs Premier Festivals and Events


How do I get to work at a festival?

Once you've signed up with us, you will be given your own profile where you can view our calendar of festivals and events, just register an interest in the ones you'd like to work and then nearer the time successful first stage applicants will get called back - it's that simple!

Can I work with my friends?

We try to make sure nobody is left on their own... that said we do have certain numbers on certain bars so if we can't put you all together we try to put you in pairs etc where ever possible. The best way to up your chances of working with your friends is to join or start a friends group at the bottom of your profile as these connections are mirrored through to our booking systems and should make things much more likely for all concerned.

If it does turn out that you don't end up together working at festivals is a great way to meet people and make new friends!

Do I get time off to see my favourite band?

Although you are allowed into the events for free when not required to work you can't just nip off to see your favourite band when they are headlining - although we are there to have fun as well as work we are there to work and so that has to come first.

Do I need to pay a deposit to work with you?

Unlike many other event staffing companies who may charge you a deposit fee for your wristband or pass into the event we don't. For some of our more popular events we do have a passport deposit scheme in place to stop people abusing the access to an event that our work can provide.

Why can't I sign up if I'm already a member of Citrus Event Staffing?

Citrus Event Staffing is a sister company, and whilst remaining two separate entities Citrus works as the management tool for Peppermint Staffing. If you are a member of Citrus you will have access already to the same calendar and are able to apply for all of Peppermint's Events as with previous summers.

How to apply

Applying for a position with Peppermint Staffing is easy. Just choose one of the following options...

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